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I was down in Deep Ellum, an artsy section of Dallas, when a skinhead decided to give me a white supremacy flier. After reading through it, I started playing with what it said and came up with this little gem.

Print and disperse as you please!

Everyone has been in a hotel or motel at some point in their life and everyone has seen a Gideon's Bible. Have you ever read the introduction? I have. Have you ever wondered what the Religious Riech meant by "The Gay Agenda"?

Yes, the two are related. Wonder no more.

The truth is out there. Way out there.

Short fiction is generally the best medium for beginning writers because of its specific boundaries. It's very strict about what it is, but very forgiving about content, style, and voice. We write short fiction every day of our lives: whenever we tell a story. These are a couple of short stories I've been kicking around for a while. My husband suggested a new ending for "Dear Jodie," as he thinks it ends a little short right now. "Late Night Bite" was an exercise in 'slice of life' writing.

A friend of mine had a page devoted to social Darwinism. We had gotten into a big discussion over this (and a few too many cups of coffee) and he asked me to write something for his page. Some people don't agree with some of my ideas. That's okay. I don't agree with them, or the way they raise their children, or the way they vote, or what they spend their money on, or how they drive, or why anyone allows them to breathe....

I've also done a little dabbling in writing for the big screen. The following is an example from a script I had worked on for a couple of years. This scene was the first written; and looking at it now, it's the only part of the completed script I'm happy with. I think I overworked it; the rest of it blows.

A recruiter asked me to write this for a tech-writing position. I never found out what the client thought of it.

Science fiction can be one of the more tedious forms. The author must create a completely different world and adhere to its rules. This was something I started after going to an Orb concert. I had to wait until I was fully sober to finish the work; my handwriting was completely illegible.

A year later I picked up the shaky beginnings and ran with it. I took four hours and a manual typewriter in someone's garage and came out with six pages of science fiction.

This story has appeared in the June 1999 issue of Planet Magazine. When they first told me there was going to be an illustration, I must admit I was worried. Fortunately, Duncan Long actually read the story and now a lovely image of Beatrice appears at the top of the page. Send him a note and let Duncan know he did a great job.

A follow-up story to this, "Anti-Up", was published in the September 1999 issue of Ibn Qirtiba and later won the Best Fantasy (?) Short Story for April 2000 from the Zine Guild Readers' choice awards.

I worked out a screenplay for this story (*PDF format) and I'm pretty pleased with the changes.

A third story, "Jealousy, Rage, and a Secret Mistress" was supposed to be published sometime in the summer of 2002 by Ibn Qirtiba. Considering I started editing IQ in December, I felt it would be a conflict of interest to publish my own story in that manner. I am offering the story in *.PDF format here instead.

Got any ideas or suggestions? I'd like to hear your opinion. No, really...... I WANT to know if you like, hate, or are completely indifferent to what I've produced before I waste my time sending anything to an editor. After all, you ARE the public at large, right?

Send comments to: mila(dot)eighteen(at)gmail(dot)com.

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