Okay, I received some corrections from A in regards to the page; considering she was there I believe she deserves to be heard. You'll forgive me if I've removed his full name and replaced it with the initial--I will give someone anonymity. No news from C yet, but I have been informed that he's pissed as hell.

"hey mila,

I just got done reading your page about the experience at Dave's. I would just like to add a couple corrections."

"1. C has graduated from high school"

Okay, I didn't know that. Easily fixed. I only said that he had because he was always telling us he'd dropped out.

"2. The fight between phil and C never happened. there was no physical contact between the two of them. I know because I was there."

All I gotta say about this one is that no one knew who poisoned the rats, no one knew who fried the modem. I'm sticking to my story on this one--for the same reason I told it in the first place. You figure it out.

"3. C never said his mom was gonna pay for the cable modem."

Weeeelll.... C claims he never said that. And A wasn't in the room when it was said. He may not remember he said it, but basic logic states that C isn't looking for work and A is making little better than minimum wage. When the boy says he's getting a cable modem, it makes you wonder.

"4. I cannot prove it, but I dont believe C asked phil to have sex with me because I was pregnant. From my understanding, this was stemed from C jokingly asking phil to pick on me, and it was a misunderstanding. This happened long before we ever lived together."

Oh, man, I knew this would be a problem. Yes, this did happen LONG before the four of us were living together--it was thrown in for its, ah, romantic flavor. As for C asking Phil to pick on her? "Pick on my wife, please," is a statement with no power and wouldn't hold Phil's attention for the time it took to say it. He sure as hell wouldn't remember it and it would have been passed on as, "Oh, yeah, C was saying something about his wife..." Phil was not the only person asked.

What's really funny is what happened when this got out. From the tale I was told, A shot C a "what the hell is this shit?" look and asked why he's said it. He claimed he hadn't said, "Fuck my wife, please," but had actually said, "Um, what was it? Ah, I'm trying to remember..."

Yeah, uh-huh, whatever.

"5. The baby was over there during the day. She was only there at night on two occasions and it was not overnight."

I don't think I had said that Little C was there at night. I'll go though and proofread again. I apologize if there was any misunderstanding on that one.

"6. Also C wanted me to add that he has not been a memeber of Clan Cthulu in 3 years. He also does not recall ever seeing you on Amnin, he used to hang out there day and night . I also used to frequent amnin, and dont recall seeing you there."

Okay...C isn't in clan Cthulu. His e-mail is listed on clan Cthulu, and his old web-page address was posted on clan Cthulu. I was just linking to someone who mentioned the boy. I can believe he "hung out there day and night" and no, I was never in Amnin--I was doing something else three years ago, what was it? Oh, yeah, going to community college. I needed a page with his name on it and because his page was down I couldn't link to it. Now, if I had the address for his new page it'd be a different story.

"Just wanted to let you know..Have a good day :) Also, the page rocked!"

Well, hey, thanks! For all the bullshit the four of us went through, I think A kept the best attitude. I really admire the woman. Here she is, a fresh 18 years old, and supporting herself, her baby, and that large slug-like object.

Hope you got your smokes back from Buddy, A. I'm sorry I smoked a couple and if you like I'll replace the five. And for christ's sake, stop wasting your life on something going nowhere when there are places left unexplored.

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