I have pictures of this evil cake.
Here's my parents doing the classic wedding thing and cutting the cake. This was taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 2nd, 1970

The worst part about that cake is the knowledge that underneath that royal icing exterior beats a heart of pure fruit-cake.

And if you don't know what royal icing is, it's an evil concoction of egg whites and pure sugar. It's evil! Evil I say! After twenty-five years, Mom had to saw the top off to pour brandy in and the brandy didn't leak out the sides.

Here's my parents at the reception. Note the big grin Mom's sporting behind that wine-glass. Oh, no, she's not feeling any pain.
The cake. The god-damned cake. It's not a flower arrangement, it's something my parent's thought they'd keep around for 25 years to gross their kids out with. 

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